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Thursday, December 9, 2004

Pale Male

I could write a novel on why people suck. No animal is as cruel and unecessarily destructive as humans. There are those who are exceptions... but frankly, the majority of people are just assholes. Especially snooty rich people in NYC. Check out this article from the NY Times. Then go to the Pale Male website for more info. These beautiful birds did not deserve to have their home removed. And since the anti-pigeon spikes on the ledge were also removed (so that the hawks aren't able to rebuild the nest), pigeons are sure to return. Then the a-holes in the building will complain about THEM. I hope every bird in NYC takes a nasty shit on the head of every one of those people.

--- On edit (later today) ---
Just wanted to post this link to a rather informative blog. She offers many good suggestions on how/where/who to voice your protests concerning the removal of Pale Male & Lola's nest. Please visit that site. Thanks.

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