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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ideologue, Ideologue, Ideologue

And now for something completely different...
maddox is cool. He makes me smile. Especially this.

I watched a bit of O'Reilly tonight, but only because I saw Wayne Rogers while flipping the channels. Being a huge fan of MASH & Wayne Rogers' character on the show, I had to see what he was talking about with that embarassment-to-Long-Island-O'Reilly. They were talking about Wal-Mart.
Wayne is now an investment strategist with his own company (Wayne Rogers & Co.), he's also an intelligent man, so his opinion has some weight. He handled himself very well. Didn't take O'Reilly's shit, but didn't fall into that trap of yelling and carrying on that O'Reilly likes to provoke... all for the sake of ratings. Wayne (I'm trying not to call him "Mr. Rogers", lol) has a very legitimate opinion that I happen to agree with: Wal-Mart is great for what it is; an extremely successful company, but destructive to the culture of small town America on many levels.
Anywho. I dig Wayne Rogers. And I dig maddox... his O'Reilly page always cracks me up. :-D

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