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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Boyds Bears

I sure am into randomness tonight, hmm?

Boyds Bearstones are something I've been into since 1993. About 7 or 8 years ago, they released the first pieces of their "Christmas Pageant" set, and released a few more each year for 4 (I think) years. I have all of them. Aren't they cute? Look at the two bears dressed up as the camel (on the right, in front). :-) The tree on the left was something I made a few years ago with roses I dried back in the day when I used to get flowers every week, lol. Click for HUGE pic.

Ideologue, Ideologue, Ideologue

And now for something completely different...
maddox is cool. He makes me smile. Especially this.

I watched a bit of O'Reilly tonight, but only because I saw Wayne Rogers while flipping the channels. Being a huge fan of MASH & Wayne Rogers' character on the show, I had to see what he was talking about with that embarassment-to-Long-Island-O'Reilly. They were talking about Wal-Mart.
Wayne is now an investment strategist with his own company (Wayne Rogers & Co.), he's also an intelligent man, so his opinion has some weight. He handled himself very well. Didn't take O'Reilly's shit, but didn't fall into that trap of yelling and carrying on that O'Reilly likes to provoke... all for the sake of ratings. Wayne (I'm trying not to call him "Mr. Rogers", lol) has a very legitimate opinion that I happen to agree with: Wal-Mart is great for what it is; an extremely successful company, but destructive to the culture of small town America on many levels.
Anywho. I dig Wayne Rogers. And I dig maddox... his O'Reilly page always cracks me up. :-D

More On Pale Male

Lincoln Karim (webmaster at was arrested after yelling some stuff at Paula Zahn during more protesting about the nest removal. This whole ordeal is another movie in the making, lol.
Anyway, the co-op board must've been feeling the heat and the anti-pigeon spikes will be replaced, as well as other features to keep droppings and carcasses of prey from falling from the nest onto passersby. Why couldn't this have been done in the first place? I'll tell you why -- because the residents of that building (Mary Tyler Moore excluded) couldn't care less about "some bird". Fuck them. I feel like all my petition-signing, phone-calling, letter-writing, etc. has paid off. Let's hope that Pale Male & Lola rebuild the nest and have a successful brood this spring. :)    

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Happiness Is Two Balls of Purring Fuzz

I wuv my kitties. They're the bestest kitties in the world. Look at these squooshies meows... all cute and fuzzy. Just looking at this pic makes me feel all mushy with love. :-) (click the below pic to see HUGE version)

Giving Yoda a wittle smooch while she watches birds out the window. This pic didn't resize well... too much light. I guess.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Pale Male

I could write a novel on why people suck. No animal is as cruel and unecessarily destructive as humans. There are those who are exceptions... but frankly, the majority of people are just assholes. Especially snooty rich people in NYC. Check out this article from the NY Times. Then go to the Pale Male website for more info. These beautiful birds did not deserve to have their home removed. And since the anti-pigeon spikes on the ledge were also removed (so that the hawks aren't able to rebuild the nest), pigeons are sure to return. Then the a-holes in the building will complain about THEM. I hope every bird in NYC takes a nasty shit on the head of every one of those people.

--- On edit (later today) ---
Just wanted to post this link to a rather informative blog. She offers many good suggestions on how/where/who to voice your protests concerning the removal of Pale Male & Lola's nest. Please visit that site. Thanks.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

What Are These Things Called, Anyway?

Along the majority of the LIE (Long Island Expressway to you non-natives) are walls that are for blocking some of the traffic noise from nearby residential areas. I guess they're called sound-baffling walls, or something?
In western Suffolk County, where I live, these walls have seagulls on them in groups of 3; a few groups per mile. Here's a pic. At the easternmost end of the LIE, the seagulls are replaced by ducks. Pretty neat. See? It doesn't take much to impress me. Now, to the west, in Nassau County and Queens, the walls have some weird squiggly line with a round thing at the end... looks like sperm or something. Who the hell thought of THAT design? Was it a collaboration? Did a bunch of people sit around a table, drawing sketches on pieces of paper till someone stood up and said, "Hey! How about this?" ...(holding up sperm drawing)... everyone chimes in, "Great idea, Tom!" and "Brilliant!" along with "Perfect design for NY-ers!".
No, I don't have a pic of said sperm design.

Holy Moly!


What herb are you?
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I'm a Party Girl! Woo-hoo!

Well... ok, not really. I may have been a party girl 10+ years ago, but now I'd rather just hang at home. That said, I went out with friends for a bit last night and did some karaoke. A few margaritas made that an easy task for me, lol. I did my usual Pat Benetar tunes: "Fire & Ice" and then I had my friends do "Shadows of the Night" along with me. We kicked ass, if I do say so myself. And I do. ;-)
Thing is, by 10:30 or so, I just wanted to leave and go to bed, lmao. Whatever happened to my staying out till 6am? Drinking like a fish and dancing till dawn? It's not even that I want to do that anymore... I have no desire to. Maybe that's it. But when I'm in a bar/club/whatever and realize that it's "too noisy" for me... dammit, I'm old. How did it happen? I've heard about it happening to other people, but it's not supposed to happen to ME! :(

For those who read my crochet blog and want to see a close-up of my purple shawl, and for those who just want to see my ugly mug, here's a piccy of moi. If you must vomit, please remember to cover your keyboard first. That would make quite a mess.
I wasn't able to get the entire shawl, because I'm not very good at taking pics of myself yet. Give me a f#$%ing break, ok?