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Thursday, December 2, 2004

What Are These Things Called, Anyway?

Along the majority of the LIE (Long Island Expressway to you non-natives) are walls that are for blocking some of the traffic noise from nearby residential areas. I guess they're called sound-baffling walls, or something?
In western Suffolk County, where I live, these walls have seagulls on them in groups of 3; a few groups per mile. Here's a pic. At the easternmost end of the LIE, the seagulls are replaced by ducks. Pretty neat. See? It doesn't take much to impress me. Now, to the west, in Nassau County and Queens, the walls have some weird squiggly line with a round thing at the end... looks like sperm or something. Who the hell thought of THAT design? Was it a collaboration? Did a bunch of people sit around a table, drawing sketches on pieces of paper till someone stood up and said, "Hey! How about this?" ...(holding up sperm drawing)... everyone chimes in, "Great idea, Tom!" and "Brilliant!" along with "Perfect design for NY-ers!".
No, I don't have a pic of said sperm design.

Holy Moly!


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I'm a Party Girl! Woo-hoo!

Well... ok, not really. I may have been a party girl 10+ years ago, but now I'd rather just hang at home. That said, I went out with friends for a bit last night and did some karaoke. A few margaritas made that an easy task for me, lol. I did my usual Pat Benetar tunes: "Fire & Ice" and then I had my friends do "Shadows of the Night" along with me. We kicked ass, if I do say so myself. And I do. ;-)
Thing is, by 10:30 or so, I just wanted to leave and go to bed, lmao. Whatever happened to my staying out till 6am? Drinking like a fish and dancing till dawn? It's not even that I want to do that anymore... I have no desire to. Maybe that's it. But when I'm in a bar/club/whatever and realize that it's "too noisy" for me... dammit, I'm old. How did it happen? I've heard about it happening to other people, but it's not supposed to happen to ME! :(

For those who read my crochet blog and want to see a close-up of my purple shawl, and for those who just want to see my ugly mug, here's a piccy of moi. If you must vomit, please remember to cover your keyboard first. That would make quite a mess.
I wasn't able to get the entire shawl, because I'm not very good at taking pics of myself yet. Give me a f#$%ing break, ok?

Friday, November 12, 2004

Caumsett State Park

One of the prettiest State Parks in NY. Well, not really... just the best on the island. In autumn, the sun casts shadows and hits things on a sharp angle. Now is the only time of year when this light occurs. It seems to hit the trees and completely bypass the stormy skies.
Click the pics for larger images.